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The Tour de France, the Vuelta, the Giro, Paris-Roubaix, Liege-Bastone-Liege, Tour of Flanders. All truly inspiring rides with long and loyal followings.

None, however, have managed to achieve the legendary status of the three rides which comprise the Las Vegas Institute of Sport Audax; rides which eschew the strange obsession of people handing you food as you slow down to 20kph, rides for which success is measured by whether you got pavlova at Hill before it ran out or by how many bowls of soup you consumed at Doynton, rides which alternate between frostbite & sunburn depending on which year you ride.

The 8th edition of this modern Classic will be taking place on 2nd April 2017, a day truly burdened with history. On that day in 1912 the Titanic began its sea trials (1912), in 1982 Argentina invaded the Falklands and in 1960 a young boy named Linford Christie was born, heralding a golden age of food container related puns.

As is traditional, entries open on the 1st January - the birthday of the Institute's late lamented founder, Mr Barry Jaegar.

Following their imminent arrival back in the UK from what is possibly the most convoluted round trip to pop out for a pint of milk, it is rumoured that this edition may see the return of LVIS's intrepid audax meisters, Kirsty & Marcus McGumford.

Check out the blog of their travels here: (warning: content may contain disturbing images of unkempt beards).

The 8th Edition of the LVIS audax: for a limited time with added McGumford.

Due to limitations on space at the village hall and at some of the controls, we will be accepting a maximum of 200 riders on the Ball Buster route, 250 riders on the Bash route and 200 riders on the Blast route. We cannot accept any entries on the day.

Dave Atkinson of wrote an article about the 2013 event: 190km of Rule Five. And 22km of our own rules.

There's also an article about the 2010 event on My first 200km: Barry's Bristol Ball Buster.

And a report on the 2011 112km event here: Audax Bristol 112k.

And here's Marcus's article for Arrivee about what goes on behind the scenes to organise the event: Feeding the 500 (pages 52/53).

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Barry's Bristol Ball Buster

8:00am start, 13hr 30min time limit, finish by 9:30pm

The 'classic distance' 200km route (Brevet 'Randonnée') circumnavigates the city of Bristol before climbing up on to the Mendip Hills then down to the Somerset Levels and returning to the start point in Long Ashton.

Highlights include: Clifton Suspension Bridge, views of both Severn bridges, the Cotswold Escarpment, the Mendip Hills, Glastonbury Tor, the Somerset Levels, Gordano Valley.

With over 2000m of climbing over the 200km distance this is sure to test the legs of even the best riders.

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Barry's Bristol Bash

9:30am start, 9hr17min time limit, finish by 6:47pm

The first of the shorter 116km routes (Brevet Populaire) heads north to take in the same route as the start of the Ball Buster but heads back to Long Ashton just south of Bristol instead of continuing onto the Mendips.

Highlights include: Clifton Suspension Bridge, views of both Severn bridges, the Cotswold Escarpment, Bristol City views from Dundry Hill.

Save some energy for the final climb over Dundry!

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Barry's Bristol Blast

10:30am start, 9hr17min time limit, finish by 7:47pm

The second of the shorter 116km routes (Brevet Populaire) heads south to follow the same route as the second half of the Ball Buster, heading out from Long Ashton to Chew Stoke and then continuing onto the Mendips, down to the Somerset Levels and returning to the start point in Long Ashton.

Highlights include: the Mendip Hills, Glastonbury Tor, the Somerset Levels, Gordano Valley.

View route in RideWithGPS (Click Export in RideWithGPS to see instructions for Garmin devices)
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Riders on Barry's Bristol Ball Buster (214km) will set off at 8:00am.
Riders on Barry's Bristol Bash (116km) will set off at 9:30am.
Riders on Barry's Bristol Blast (116km) will set off at 10:30am.

View LVIS Audax Start/Finish Point in a larger map

The rides start from the Long Ashton Village Hall (Keedwell Hill, Bristol, BS41 9DP) where there will be toilets, hot drinks, and hot and cold food available. The food and drink at the start/finish is included in your entry fee, but there will be a collection for the charities WaterAid and Sustrans so please bring some cash! You will also need money to buy refreshments on the route.

There will be some parking at the village hall with on street parking nearby. Please consider riding to the start, sharing lifts or using public transport where possible.

Out on the Ride

If you've never ridden an Audax event before then expect a relaxed and friendly atmosphere (it's not a race), a variety of different types of riders and bikes and an enjoyable day out on some roads that you may not have ridden before. The ride is self guided and not sign-posted or marshalled so you should be competent at following a route sheet and carry tools, clothing and food to keep yourself out of trouble.

You can ride at your own pace, as long as your overall average speed, including stops, stays between the minimum and maximum specified for the event.
Barry's Bristol Ball Buster: 15 - 30kph
Barry's Bristol Bash: 12.5 - 30kph
Barry's Bristol Blast: 12.5 - 30kph

At the start you get a brevet card, which has to be filled in at each checkpoint, to show that the course has been completed. The opening and closing times of the checkpoints (including the finish) are based on these minimum and maximum speeds.


Food and drink will be available to buy at the manned checkpoints across the events which are:

Hill Village Hall - Under the capable control of the local Church group and WI you will not believe how much cake, pavlova and home baked produce is on offer here.

Doynton Village Hall - Now rivalling the Hill control for quantity and quality of food, The Wick and Doynton WI will be providing a huge selection of savoury and sweet options with hot soup if it's cold and/or wet.

Glastonbury Town Hall - This control point will be manned and stocked by City Of Bristol Rowing Club who will be looking after and feeding hungry riders all afternoon.

The Drum and Monkey Pub, Kenn - Not far from the finish, this is a useful stop for a bar snack or swift half to get you through the last few kilometres.

Barry's Bristol Ball Buster uses all four controls.
Barry's Bristol Bash uses the Hill and Doynton controls
Barry's Bristol Blast uses the Glastonbury and Kenn controls.

There are also info controls, where you will need to answer the question given on your brevet card about a location on the route. If you do not put the correct answer on your card then we cannot validate that you have completed the ride.

The 'Freestone Warehouse Bike Bunch' will be helping out at the Doynton checkpoint while also displaying their wares. You can find out more about them at the following links:

RyanBuildsWheels - Bespoke handbuilt wheels.
Clandestine Clunker Club - Handbuilt racks.
Purple Patch Workshop - Waxed cotton and canvas bags and accessories.
7 Pot Customs - Perfect paintjobs.

Sunrise is at about 07:00 Sunset is at about 19:45 so you will need lights for the long route and should consider carrying lights for the short routes.

Sections of the route are on narrow country lanes where there will be some mud and grit on the roads. It is strongly recommended that you fit mud guards to make the ride more comfortable for yourselves and those riding behind you.

To find out more about Audax UK follow this link:

The Charities

Profits from the event and any money collected on the day will be split between the following good causes

All routes cost just £7 to enter. If you are not a member of Audax UK or the CTC there is an additional charge of £2 for temporary Audax UK membership.

Payment is through PayPal (the secure online payment service) and you can pay by debit or credit card - you do not need a PayPal account.

There will be a limit of 200 riders on the Ball Buster route, 250 riders on the Bash route and 200 riders on the Blast route

Sorry, all the routes are full and entries are now closed.
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NB: If you've entered via the AUK website then it may take a day or two for your details to appear here and for you to get a confirmation email.

Barry's Bristol Ball Buster (214k)
202 entries (limit 200)

Firstname Surname Club
S Allister  
David Arthur
James Ashdown  
Dave Atkinson  
Chrissy Attenborough  
Matthew Baggs  
Gareth Baines Audax Club Bristol
Pete Ball Monmouthshire Wheelers
James Barnes  
Tim Barnes  
Geoff Barrett  
Roger Bartlett  
James Benfield Team Penfold
Marco Benitez  
John Berry Chippenham Wheelers
Nigel Bewley  
Mark Blake  
Lynette Blanchard BRCC
Aidan Blowers  
Mike Brien Swindon Wheelers
Neil Bromwich Las Vegas Institute of Sport
Richard Buckley Chippenham Wheelers
Kath Bushnell  
Tomas Buxton Trowbridge CC
Andrew Cadwallader Chippenham Wheelers
Ryan Cains Timsbury Cycle Group
Robert Campbell BSCC
William Campbell  
David Clegg Audax Club Bristol
Caroline Cockburn  
Diego Colantoni CoBRC
Jonathan Coleman  
Phil Collard  
Ross Compton  
Phil Conridge  
Dominic Conway  
Ben Cook  
Adam Cooksey Trowbridge Cycling Club
Duncan Cooper  
Sam Cooper  
Martin Corbett  
Martin Croxford Audax Club Bristol
Andy Curran Audax Club Bristol
Paul Davies Clevedon
Iwein Dekoninck  
Frauke Diehl Audax Club Bristol
Martin Disney Trowbridge Cycling Club
Vicky Dixon BADTri
Steven Dodds  
James Donald Bath CC
David Else Chippenham Wheelers
Sam Evans Dursley RC
Russell Filby BRCC / ACB
James Forsyth  
Rob French ACB
Mike Gallivan Weston Wheelers
Txema Garcia Trowbridge CC
Wayne Gardner Bristol CTC
Peter Gascoigne VC Walcot
Paul Gibbs Weston Wheelers
James Gill DHC
Peter Gillespie Weston Whiskers
Reece Gledhill  
Mike Gorshkov  
Andrew Gosling  
Richard Goucher Audax Club Bristol
Mark Green Audax Club Bristol
Lisa Greenfield Radeon Bike Science RT
John Grenfell  
Jason Gunn Trowbridge Cycling Club
Christina Gyles Bristol South
Paul Hancock  
Uli Harder  
David Harmer Weston Wheelers
Dawn Harrill  
Justin Headlong Timsbury Cycle Group
Peter Henley Audax Club Bristol
Laurence Hewetson Badtri
Gary Hewitt-Long VC-Cycling
Ben Holder Audax Club Bristol
Marc Honey  
Jay Hookins  
Luke Hounsome Audax Club Bristol
Elliot Hoy  
Tony Hull Chippenham and Dist Wheelers
Ashley Hutchinson Trowbridge Cycling Club
Oliver Iles Audax Club Bristol
Paul Jackson  
Michael Jarvis  
Dan Jewell Trowbridge CC
Sheni Jiwa Chippenham Wheelers
David Johnston Audax Club Bristol
Ewan Johnstone Bristol South CC
Daniel Jones  
Nicholas Jones  
Rhiannon Jones  
Rhodri Jones CoBRC
Darren Kellaway Bristol CTC
Stu Kerton  
Andy King  
Mike Lane Audax Club Bristol
Andrea Lazenby North Bristol Cycling Club
Mark Leach The Fridays
Rob Lee PAC Tri
Luke Lewis NBCC
Simon Lewis Chippenham Wheelers
Peter Livingstone  
Daniel Lunnon Velo Club Walcot
Katie MacKinnon  
Daniel Mahler Audax Club Bristol
Robin Mainwaring Cheltenham/C&CCC
Charlie Major Frome & District Wheelers
Max Malpass North Bristol Triathlon
Brent Manuel  
Stefano Marazzi Timsbury Cycle Group
Peter Marshall  
Tom Marshall Bristol South Cycling Club
Andy Martin  
David Matthews Longshore Drifters
Stu Matthews  
Ryan Maynard Eames  
Paul McCormack Chippenham Wheelers
Gerard McHugh Winchcombe CC
James McManus  
Jonathan Mead  
Peter Metelerkamp Bristol CTC
Kate Millard Clevedon DRC
Rebecca Millington  
Chris Molloy  
Alex Morris Bristol CTC
Gavin Mower  
Martyn Mullin AUK
Simon Napper Chepstow Cycling Club
Peter Naylor  
Jaime Norman  
Leonard O'Rourke  
Joe Papineschi  
Harriet Parke Bristol South
Alex Parker Weston wheelers
Ian Penton-Voak Las Vegas Institute of Sport
Julian Plummer Audax Club Bristol
Duncan Porter Bristol CX
Jeremy Powell  
Simon Power  
Kevin Presland Devon CTC
Julian Pring BRCC
Richard Purvis  
Ashley Quinlan Velo Club Walcot
Martin Radford AUK
Jess Railton Audax Club Bristol
Steve Ransom North Bristol Cycle Club
Victoria Ratcliffe Somer Valley CC
Simon Reid Backwell CTC
Wayne Reid  
Ryan Rendall NBCC
Alex Rendu Bristol CTC
Isabel Rennie Audax Club Bristol
Geoff Rich  
Stephen Riglar Devon CTC
Mark Rockett Plymouth Corinthian CC
Martin Rose Trowbridge CC
Steve Rosewarne Audax Club Bristol
John Russell T1D
Nicky Russell Radeon Bike Science RT
Amy Slack  
David Sleigh Audax Club Bristol
Dylan Spencer Chippenham Wheelers
Mark Spruce  
David Squance  
Pip Stokes  
Mark Stone Trowbridge cc
Paul Stone  
Andy Stubbins  
Richard Taylor CTC + NBCC
Ben Thompson  
Carla Tonks BADTri
Tim Trew Bristol CTC
Patrick Tully Las Vegas Institute of Sport
Thomas Usherwood  
Neil Veitch Audax Club Bristol
Nigel Vuagniaux Bath CC
Celine Wall Clevedon
Clifford Wallis Nailsea RC Bikers
Scott Wallis  
Steve Wallis Chippenham Wheelers
Martin Ward  
Adam Watkins Audax Club Bristol
Graham Watkins  
Lawrence Watkins  
Andrew Weaver Chippenham Wheelers
Rob Webb  
Sarah West Bristol Road Club
Doug Wilson Audax Club Bristol
Fi Wilson Rapha
Mike Wood Sou Western RC
Gary Woods North Bristol Cycling Club
Adam Worrall Swindon Wheelers
Robert Wragge-Morley Audax Club Bristol
Jason Wring  
Ed Yaxley  

Barry's Bristol Bash (116k)
249 entries (limit 250)

Firstname Surname Club
Andrew Adshead Manchester Wheelers
Pete Allchorne  
Tony Anderton Fox Cycling
Fernanda Ash  
Jeremy Ash Bath CC
Spencer Back  
David Bacon  
Rich Bacon  
Suzie Bacon  
David Bailey  
Matthew Barber White Tree Rouleurs
Catherine Barker Bristol CTC / NBCC
Ian Barkley  
Steve Barnes Weston Wheelers
Ann Bartlett Bristol CTC
Nick Bartley  
Stephen Bathurst Lvis
Paul Beard Moonglu CC
Stuart Bechares  
Yoav Ben-Shlomo  
Alan Bennett BK Velo
Andrew Bennett  
Nick Bennett  
Simon Bennett gpcc
Carol Billinghurst  
Tim Birtwistle Minerva Bath Rowing Club
Marcus Boneham  
Gail Born  
Daniel Bouvet  
Andrew Bowman Trowbridge Cycling Club
Jim Bowyer Montpelier Mystics
Leo Brady  
Phillip Bratt  
Peter Brill  
Ian Brindle  
Bernard Brown Cardiff Ajax
Keith Brown Nailsea RC Bikers
Karen Bullen  
Steven Bunce Badtri
Georgie Burgerss  
Jamie Bush Trowbridge CC
Sian C-O  
Alex Cameron  
Edward Campbell  
Katy Campbell  
Richard Charlton  
Paul Chesman  
Lisa Chichester Cardiff Ajax
Michael Chouings  
Mr Chris  
Jules Clayton  
Neil Cogswell  
Michael Collins  
Philip Collins  
Rich Cook  
Richard Cook  
Liz Cottam CTC Bristol
Jon Cousins  
Danny Cox LVIS/ Bristol road club
Michael Craggs  
Jamie Cranfield  
Duncan Cranmer  
Conor Cronin  
Christopher Cullen  
Chris Dando  
Richard Davis TCG
Richard Davis  
Philip Denny LVIS
Ric Dobson Bristol CTC
Shirley Dommett R C Bikers
Baggy Dunbar LVIS
Chris Dykes  
Jo Forbes  
Christopher Ford  
Tracy Ford  
Duncan Fraser  
Chris Frewin Nova Lock Club
Chris Gardner  
Sue Gardner Bristol CTC
Leon Gierat Lvis/ Bristol cx
Phil Golston Nova Lock Club
Kathryn Gough  
Claire Graham  
Lucy Greenberry  
Adam Greenwood  
Mark Greenwood White Tree Rouleurs
Sally Greenwood  
Deborah Griffin Timsbury Cycle Group
Zoe Grimes  
Grahame Hale Trowbridge CC
Caroline Hall  
Jane Hall  
Julia Hammersley Montpelier Mystics
Nick Hanks Trowbridge CC
Nick Hannan Trowbridge Cycling Club
Simon Harper  
Ben Harris White Tree Rouleurs
Matt Hatch White Tree Rouleurs
David Hayhurst Cardiff and SE Wales CTC
Rich Henderson  
Paul Henry  
Dave Hewlett Disciples of Dirt
Tim Hill  
Carl Hills  
Gee Hirst LVIS
Chris Holbrook Bath cc
Emma Holehouse  
Roger Holmes  
Jessica Hughes  
Kevin Hughes Cardiff Ajax
Richard Hull Cardiff Ajax
Rebecca Hunt  
Robin Hunt  
Sophie Hutchinson Trowbridge Cycling Club
Jennie Ingham Bristol CTC
Kate Ingham Bristol CTC
Chris James Cardiff Ajax
Nia James  
Marcus Jepson  
Robert John R.C.BIKERS
Allison Johnston Montpelier Mystics
Elliot Johnston Montpelier Mystics
Jess Jones BADtri
Matthew Jones Roll for the Soul
Simon Jones  
Steven Jones  
Andy Kane  
Gilbert Kebaletswe  
Siobhan Kelly  
David Lane LVIS
Daniel Langbridge  
Jimbo Latimer  
Liz Lewis  
Mark Lilly  
Eva Linnell  
Dominique Lord  
Rosie Lord  
Steven MacDonald Bristol South CC
Colin MacKay  
Gerard Madden  
Paul Madden  
Simon Maddison Montpelier Mystics
Jim Magill  
Steve Manning  
Hannah Mannion  
Trudy Mardon Fox Cycling
Hannah Mason  
Robert Matthews NBCC
Steve McKay Gnarly Velo
Lisa McKeaveney Trowbridge CC
Mike McKeaveney Trowbridge CC
Richard McKinney  
Stu McNamara  
Simon Mead  
Suzannah Minns Cardiff Ajax
Nick Morgan Pontypool RCC
Helen Morris Onit CC
Gavin Morton Glasgow Green Cycle Club
Daniel Murphy  
Simon Newman  
Yeung Ng Bynea cc
Andree Nowicki  
Conor O'Brien  
Elly O'Brien  
Tom Ogden  
Chris Osborne Thornbury Cycling Club
Huw Parry  
Philip Parry BADTri
John Pavett  
David Pearce  
James Peck  
Jack Penny  
Mark Perry  
Mark Pettitt -
Sarah Phillips none
Andrew Polley PropsCC
Jonathan Powell  
Richard Price  
Don Pritchard  
Tracy Quintana-Parker  
Lucy Rayner  
Barry Read Trowbridge CC
Lisa Read Trowbridge CC
Darren Reynolds  
Mostyn Reynolds Trowbridge Cycling Club
Andy Rich  
Joanna Rich  
Carolina Richarda City of Bristol Rowing Clu
Beck Richardson  
Fiona Ridley Backwell CC/Audax Club Bristol
Steve Ridley BackwellRCC Audax Club Bristol
Ian Robertson Trowvegas CC
Stuart Robertson ctc Abergaveny CC
Jay Robinson  
Rebecca Robinson  
Tom Rosewarne  
Tom Routh  
Theo Russell BCDS
Tom Russell Montpelier Mystics
Alison Sainsbury Timsbury Cycle Group
Richard Sanders Lvis
Mick Saunders nbcc
Edward Schwarz  
Mathew Scott  
Mark Sheardown White Tree Rouleurs
Keith Shepherd Bristol CTC
Jonathan Slade  
Neil Smith  
Natalia Sokolov PropsCC
Jim Spratt Cheltenham & County cc
Alex Stephenson  
David Stringer Bristol CTC
Tim Sullivan NA
Justin Swift-Smith  
Ben Tarrant  
Steve Taylor NBCC
Adrian Tejada  
Paul Templar  
Peter Thacker  
William Thorpe  
Jonathan Trigg Whitetree Rouleurs
Nick Tuftnell  
Ann Turbervill BRCC
John Turbervill BRCC
Mark Van Rossum  
Jeff Vincent Wellington Wheelers
Alison Vuagniaux Bath CC
Oliver Wakely  
Steve Wakley  
Imogen Walmsley  
Jonathan Waring LVIS
Liz Webb Cardiff Ajax
Jeremy Welch WTR
Lucy Wigzell Badtri
David Wilby  
Jeffery Williams  
Dave Willis Trowvegas CC
Heather Willis Trowvegas CC
James Wilson  
Jon Wines  
John Wood  
John Woodier  
Paul Woodruff  
Justin Woods  
Stephen Woodward  
Tom Worley  
Andy Wright White tree roulers
Tim Wye White tree rouleurs
Craig Yandell  

Barry's Bristol Blast (116k)
195 entries (limit 200)

Firstname Surname Club
Rob Ash  
Jason Ayres Bigfoot MBC
Nick Baker Las Vegas Institute of Sport
Caroline Bannister BadTri
Ed Bartlett  
Paul Bath Sodbury Cycle Sport
Rosario Bavetta banzetto
Liana Bennett BRCC
Anthony Bickmore  
Evan Bickmore LVIS
Grace Bickmore  
Sam Birch Tri London
Andrew Bird  
Stephen Blackman CTC
Nathan Bliss Lvis
Kristian Bond  
Harriet Brennan  
Stephen Bridges  
Mike Brookes  
Adam Broughton  
Rowan Brunswick  
Talitha Burnett  
Phil Burton TCG
Robert Cameron  
David Carslake  
Paddy Carslake  
Hugo Chapman LVIS junior division
Simon Chapman  
Tim Chapman LVIS -Go Vegas!!!!!
Tom Clark  
Janet Clarke Bigfoot MBC
Robert Cleeves  
Rooi Colchester  
Ian Collins  
Selina Coombes  
Michael Cooper  
Patrick Croot  
Nathan Cummins Wenvoe Wheelers
Sam Czerpak  
Giles Davis Las Vegas Institute of Sport
Jean De Fromage Team Iron Finger
Catrin Devonald We vote Wheelers
Martin Dicker  
Anna Dixon SAlt ans Sham
Muriel Dumont  
Liam Dunne  
Ben Eastment  
Emily Edwards  
James Edwards  
Matt Edwards  
Rosie Edwards  
Tom Edwards  
Matthew Ellis  
Huw Evans We vote wheelers
Simon Evans Royal dean forest cc
Simon Evans  
Wyn Evans Merthyr CC
Jeremy Evered Dursley Road Club
Owen Fagtongpun-White  
Burkhard Fehsenfeld  
Jeremy Field  
Marcus Fisher  
Robert Frankton  
Helen Glandfield  
Cab Green Cheesy Riders
Ellen Green  
Richard Green  
Claire Gregory Kingswood Tri Club
David Griffiths Wenvoe Wheelers
Abi Handley Bigfoot MBC
Nye Harries Montpelier Mystics
George Harrill  
Rick Hawker  
Matt Heard  
Jack Hemment  
Gavin Higgins  
Ginette Higgins  
Michael Higgins  
Amy Hill  
Katie Hill Ful On Tri Club
Ben Holding BADTRI
Shawn Holland BAD Tri
Anna Horleston  
Nathan Horleston  
Paul House Nailsea RC Bikers
Michael Howard  
Luke Humphries Timsbury Cycle Group
Sarah Hunt  
Emily Hutchings  
Thomas Hutchings  
Benjamin Jackson  
Julian Jane CC Abergavenny
William Japp LVIS
Berwyn Jones  
Harry Kauntze  
Matt Keevill BEER
Angus Kennedy  
Tim Knibbs Bigfoot mbc
Paul Long BEER
Mike Lowe  
Chris Mallett  
Jude Mallett  
Katharine Mallett  
Pi Manson  
Tim Marchant velo club walcot
Sarah Martindale Badtri
Simon Matthews  
Nick McCullen  
Patrick McEvoy  
Colin McGinness  
Daniel Merry  
David Middleton  
Chris Miles  
John Mills  
Ian Mock  
Michael Mojsak  
Ciara Molloy  
John Moppett  
Mark Moran  
Richard Morris LVIS
Joe Mulligan  
Peter Newell Bigfoot MBC
Duncan Noack-Cox Bristol South
Simon O'Doherty  
Laura Pankhurst BAD Tri
Tobias Parker  
Dave Pearce  
Andy Pearson BEER
James Perrott  
Emma Poole  
Will Poole  
Fiona Powley N/a
Simon Preston Bigfoot mbc
Lucy Price  
Gaz Pritchard Wenvoe Wheelers
Michael Purnell Bigfoot MBC
David Richardson none
Ian Rickard Bigfoot MBC
Matt Rigby  
E Roberts Montpelier Mystics
Mark Robinson RDFCC
Julien Roger  
Claire Rooney  
Chris Saunders  
Yann Saward  
Mark Sayers Cheesyrider
Matthew Schlanker  
Sarah Sims  
David Smart  
Emma Smart  
Alex Smith BAD Tri
Lindsay Smith  
Neil Smith Wenvoe Wheelers
Tom Snowball Rapha CC
Sarah Stewart BAD tri
Anna Stork  
Robin Streader-Goffman  
Robert Sutton  
Andrew Sweeney Timsbury CG
Joshua Sweet  
Sarah Taylor CTC BRISTOL
Mary Tedaldi Salt and Sham
Robin Tetley  
Becky Thomas  
Sian Thomas  
Sharon Trivett Wenvoe Wheelers
Dave Turasz  
Chris Varco  
Chris Veale BEER
Anwen Victory  
Michael Victory-Rowe  
James Wadsworth  
Rob Wall CTC Bristol
Ben Wallis  
Joseph Walton  
Jane Watson  
Joanna Watts-Jane CC Abergavenny
Andrew Webber  
Richard Wesson  
Amanda Whayman TWNN(L)
Alan White  
Emily White  
Frederick White  
Mike White CTC
Will White  
Andrew Williams  
Johnatan Williams LVIS
Neil Williams  
Tracey Williams CTC Hertfordshire
Kirsty Willmott  
Guy Worrall  
Reuben Wright  
Brian Yates TWNN
Dickon Young  


The organisers can be contacted by email:


Here is some of the fantastic feedback we have received after previous years' events. We had to bribe people with cake to say this nice stuff, but hopefully they meant it!

Marvellous ride today, great weather & awesome cakes. Go Vegas!

Great Audax. Already a classic! Thank you for organising such a brilliant cycle event, and thank you to all who assisted on the day. I'm sure you realise that you are going to get huge numbers of people entering next year. Good luck.

Thanks to Marcus and the LVIS crew, excellent job again. Even exceeded last years event with even more quality cake! A great day out and I think the few small route changes all worked well. Look forward to next year and yes Go LVIS!

Fantastic ride today, good work LVIS!! Go Vegas!!!

Yet again you managed to secure the best weather, and the event was expertly run (again!) and most enjoyable. This event is definitely (in my opinion) the jewel in the crown of the Audax series.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, route (100k) was lovely, great food and company. Many thanks to all involved :-D

Just a quick mucho thank you to you and the rest of the gang for putting on yet another quality event. We both enjoyed it immensely and are looking forward to the third running already!

Just wanted to say a hearty and now warm having defrosted thanks for another well-organised and friendly day. We always make sure we say thanks to the lovely WI for their cakes and efforts in prising some of us from our chairs instead of staying put. I'd noticed that it seems more of a club riders faster day than when I did it a few years back. But for those of us that are happy to take the day to cycle round we still found it friendly so please keep it's 'got a bike? can do it then' inclusivity just for those of us who take rucksacks of sarnies and scotch eggs than energy bars (-:

Well done, and thanks for organising. see yers next year.

Great ride and super organisation plus the Pavlova was as good as ever

A superbly organised event which must take a lot of work. All much appreciated.

Great day out - Cheers LVIS!

Thanks for today. Well organised, great fun, lovely route, wonderful cake and even the promised sun came out! Go Vegas!

It's my considered opinion that the Hill Women's Institute cake stop after 40km of the Ball Buster is the single best stop on any ride in the UK. It's astonishing. If you know of a better one, let me know so I can come and give it a go.

Finally defrosted! But wanted to say that was one of the most gruelling - but best ever rides! Cakes stunning! The last few miles I have no idea where I was, sat nav dies, lights on last legs, me on last legs! whole of me frozen to the bike... but what a great bowl of soup and stunning Christmas cake at the finish! Would you also pass my thanks onto your team and also the WI who were truly fantastic! Thank you so much - BRILLIANT! Hopefully this is the start of many more LVIS Audax THANK YOU!

Marky and Kirsty, it was magnificent. Hard core! I did it in 3 base layers, a jersey and a primaloft jacket, scull cap, merino walking socks, overshoes and windstopper tights. And primaloft mittens. I was just about warm enough apart from when we set off after too much cake. Twice.

Loved the slightly revised route and the first 90km - the last 20km weren't so pleasant though. Another excelent Audax that would make the esteemed Mr Jaegar proud.

I have to say Master Mumford That was a great event. It was way too cold and mostly unenjoyable. But it was a lovely bunch of people, fantastic cakes, great community spirit, belly warming charity and all round brilliant. As they say, first time caller long time listener. I shall be back when my sugar levels drop.

I can, hand on heart, say that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. We had cracking weather, a good route, much friendly banter with the other riders, and the organisation was simply brilliant.

I enjoyed the Audax yesterday, excellent route, superb catering (I think I weighed more at the finish than the start!) it takes me back to the Audax's of my teens. It was great to see such a large and diverse turn out. My congratulations on what must be the "best" Audax/event I have ridden in a very long time.

Fantastic route, great people, great cakes and great weather...what more can you ask for.

I really enjoyed the Audax yesterday (apart from the evil hill up to the monument!!) and the sun you ordered made it particularly splendid. Having the second WI stop made all the difference, they were fantastic.

It was a great day - really good route - I shall be trying it again - great people excellent cakes Many thanks for all your work putting it together.

Great to have so many willing helpers and smiling faces (not to mention a bit younger than the usual Audax average age!) Great food. Excellent route. Thanks guys!!

What a great ride. The route was mixed with great views. And the food controls were brilliant thanks to all the kind and wonderfull cake makers and staff for looking after us.

Thanks Marcus for another great day... Perfecto!

Thanks to LVIS for a great day out, lovely scenery and good company on the 112k. My only gripe... the pavlova was gone when I got to Hill (will go faster next time). The cake selection was awesome, and the bean & bacon soup at the end really hit the spot.

We enjoyed our ride... Longest I've ever done.. Cake stops were AWESUME

Legend had told me about this ride & the cakes but nothing prepared me for the cakefest at Hill !!! The Pavlova was fantastic

What a cracking ride today. Excellent. And the cakes were something else!

That was such a cracking day. 130 miles and I wanted it to be longer.

It was a beautiful day - apart from those damn hills which forced me to swear a lot (inside). Nice weather and met so many wonderful new friends. I wish I will meet you all soon at other cycling events, especially the LVIS ones! Cheers.

I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone for yesterday's event - great route, great weather and riding in good company. The WI ladies made some amazing cakes. When can I sign up for next year?

Great fun, superbly organised. As for the cakes - what can I possibly add? Fantastic. Thanks Marcus and team. Go Vegas!

That was my first Audax, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bit on the chilly side (and yes, I also found icicles hanging off my bottom bracket). Well done, and the cakes were amazing. Definitely doing the 200km next year - as long as you can arrange for less Baltic conditions next time.

Thank you for a great day , well organised, great route but best of all was the food, many thanks to all your helpers and bakers i was very impressed with the quality of the scram

Well done Marcus and the LVIS team. Great day out. Setting the standard on the Audax calendar!

I loved everything about the event and wouldn't change a thing - except the weather, obviously. I'm glad to hear that you are planning to do it all again next year and I look forward to taking part again. Congratulations on the sums raised for excellent charities.

As always a faultless day by you guys!! Fantastic pavlova, route & weather!! See you next year!

What a great day! A fantastic event and, for me, a great introduction to audax. First audax, first time ever that I've cycled further than 60 miles (& fixed), most pavolova I've eaten in a morning, and the largest slices of coffee cake I've ever seen (and come to think of it, probably the largest spread of cakes I've ever seen in one room). What struck me was how sociable it was, with chatty people at every stage (except on one or two of the hills). Thank you to LVIS for laying on a well-organised and memorable event, and the WIs for the sustenance.

The organisation was really impressive, the route was excellent and the mix of people was wonderful.

116km of tarmac party.

Great day's riding today - thanks for all your organising and/or volunteering efforts, and of course everybody else involved too - a slick operation. Look forward to next year's event!

Thank you very much again for organising yesterday's AUDAX, it was absolutely brilliant.

Cracking cracking day at the LVIS Audax.... 225kms, sunshine, smiles & serious amounts of cake!

Many thanks for a great day. I did finish the ride but forgot to report in at the HQ - I was distracted by the tea and cakes.

Thanks Marcus it was an amazing first Audax experience for me. So friendly.

Just a quick word of thanks for organising such a brilliant ride yesterday. It was my first Audax and I did the shorter ride. It was a great day with some fantastic scenery - I didn't realise just how many wonderful places are so close to Bristol, I intend to retrace a lot of the ride and do a bit more exploring. It was great to ride with so many friendly people, I'm still buzzing one day later!

A brrrrrr - illiant day. Thanks. Can I give a thank you to the girls at Heaphy's who stayed open just long enough to serve me some hot pasta, and the 'Control' who were still in welcoming good humour at half five. As the guy that phoned you up from Portbury, I can provide an interesting meterological insight- it actually got warmer after dark!

A big thank you for a fantastic day out on the bike :-) Perfect organisation, perfect route and perfect weather... Can you pass on my gratitude to all of the very friendly support crew.... See you again next year.

Excellent as ever, all aspects of the day...kinda liked the cold in an odd way, esp. once I was home!

Best Cakes ever, ever, ever!

Just a quick note to thank you and your colleagues for a great audax yesterday. The organisation was impeccable and the tweaks to the route from last year were just the ticket. Roll on 2012 and many thanks again.

Thanks for an absolutely brilliant day, and a wonderful introduction to the world of Audax. I didn't know there was so many great little lanes for cycling along around this area and am still marvelling at the fact that we got all round Bristol without cycling on hardly any main roads. Beautiful weather, fabulous route, fantastic organisation, and delicious cakes - what more can a cyclist want!

Thanks for an excellent event to you, Kirsty and everyone else who made it such a fantastic day despite the cold.

i just wanted to say a massive thank you for organising an amazing event. well done for not giving into pressure from the UCI to re-route, like the organisers of the Milan-San Remo did, and sticking to your principles of cake, tea, chimineas and even a pub. it was a fantastic day, made even more epic by frozen ice on people's beards. the best cycling event i've done.

Despite living in Bristol two-thirds of the roads were new to me, lovely cakes (and lots of them), and a really nice atmosphere! Even the weather came good in the afternoon. Will definitely be back next year!

Congratulations on your successful and brilliantly organized ride. My thanks to everyone involved, not forgetting my helpful riding companions.

A brilliant ride - cheers

My first but not my last Audax. Well organised. Please can it be warmer next year...

This is the first time I've done this ride and definitely the best one so far and I'll be sure to get my name down early next year!! Thanks again to everyone...

Great day - many thanks to both you and the WI for a truly epic cakefest.

Thanks for organising a great event. We new to this and really enjoyed ourselves right at the back but we made it round.

Thanks again for orgainising such an awesome event. It was one heck of a way to start off my Audax career, it might have been cold on the Mendips but the welcome back at Long Ashton (and all the awesome cake stops) was very warm.

I just wanted to pass on my thanks and congratulations to all involved in the organisation and running of what, for me, was a truly fantastic day. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am looking forward to my next one! The organisation was absolutely brilliant, and really made the day such a success. My sincerest thanks to you all.

Great day out, so pleased not to have got lost , will sleep very well tonight. Well done to all and thanks for all the encouragement up those hills

Superb day! Cheers to all those putting in the hard work organising it all! And cheers Barry Jaeger for sorting the weather this year!!!!

Another great LVIS event and I would like to hear about any more similar events you might be organizing. Thanks very much for an excellent day.

Thank you both for an amazing day - and all the LVIS helpers. We'll, as they say, be back.

What a day. Thanks.Very glad you let me ride the shorter route after all. It was a bit brutal yesterday, particularly when the temp dropped below 0. Very very well organised though.

Firstly thanks for organising the event last Sunday, it was certainly an unforgettable experience! Thanks so much to you and the team for organising a fantastic event - my first audax and I'll be back for more! Found it very friendly and relaxed - a great day out, even though I was frozen half the time!

It was cold, but that justified eating more cake! Velodrome cake was my favourite, just edging pavlova. Apart from cake, ta for putting on such a top day out and a rather good cycle ride. See you next year

I rode your great Audax yesterday. What fine cakes and weather we had and it was worth the trip from cardiff. Thanks for organising a great event.

A superbly run event and very enjoyable route. Fantastic cake and even for us tailenders still a great choice left.

I enjoyed the lovely scenery , people, route, brilliant controls and wonderful bean and bacon soup at the finish. Congratulations LVIS, this one is a winner I will be back....

What a great day and what great organisation. Thank you very much for showing us a whole load of new routes to add to those we already do.

Amazing event.. We were lucky with the beautiful weather but the incredible LVIS team, spectacular riding, friendly fellow travellers and the WI of Doynton (and their cakes) were what made it so special.. Hope to be back again..