The Audax UK Board has suspended all rides until further notice. Our next event was due to be Barry's Jaeger Bomb on 12th September. We have stopped taking entries for the time being and will reopen only if the event is able to go ahead. Existing entrants will be offered a refund if the ride has to be cancelled.
Click here to read the full statement from Audax UK.

Barry's Jaeger Bomb, a day long adventure covering 300km of South West country roads, will be returning to its usual date in September this year.

Upcoming events...

Saturday 12th September 2020 from Oldland Common

Barry's Jaeger Bomb
Distance: 301km
Start time: 6:30am
Entry fee: £11 (+£3 for non AUK/CTC members)
Maximum no. of riders: 120

Entries are now closed. Sorry, but we cannot accept any entries on the day.