Out on the Ride

If you've never ridden an Audax event before then expect a relaxed and friendly atmosphere (it's not a race), a variety of different types of riders and bikes and an enjoyable day out on some roads that you may not have ridden before. The ride is self guided and not sign-posted or marshalled so you should be competent at following a route sheet and carry tools, clothing and food to keep yourself out of trouble.

You can ride at your own pace, as long as your overall average speed, including stops, stays between the minimum and maximum specified for the event which is 15 - 30kph

At the start you get a brevet card, which has to be filled in at each checkpoint, to show that the course has been completed. The opening and closing times of the checkpoints (including the finish) are based on these minimum and maximum speeds.


Food and drink will be available to buy at the checkpoints across the events which are:

Cotswolds Discovery Centre Cafe, Northleach.

Amesbury - The second control is a free option from Amesbury's cornucopia of food outlets, just keep the receipt from your purchase as a proof of passage.

Barton Inn, Barton St David - for a last energy top up for the final push for home.

Oldland Common Community Centre - The finish control with plenty of sweet and savoury food, free gratis for all finishers.

There are also info controls, where you will need to answer the question given on your brevet card about a location on the route. If you do not put the correct answer on your card then we cannot validate that you have completed the ride.

Sunrise is at about 05:30 and sunset is at about 20:45 so you will need lights.

Sections of the route are on narrow country lanes where there will be some mud and grit on the roads. It is strongly recommended that you fit mud guards to make the ride more comfortable for yourselves and those riding behind you.

As with any Audax event you should be self-sufficient and will need to navigate the route yourself using the route sheet or a GPS device. Be prepared to get yourself home in the event of any issues that prevent you from carrying on.

To find out more about Audax UK follow this link: http://www.aukweb.net/aboutauk/